Know About the Full-Body Skincare Routine

skincare routine

Know About the Full-Body Skincare Routine

We all know that skin is a barrier. It protects your body from harmful things in the outside world such as

  • Moisture
  • Cold and Sun Rays
  • Germs and Toxic Substances

Whenever it comes to a skincare routine we generally tend to overlook our whole body and consider only our face as a priority.

Many people I know will apply a series of layers of products on their face every morning and night, but when it comes to the whole body, poor fellow sometimes might get an application of the lotion lying in the dressing wardrobe since the last summers.

We generally tend to ignore the fact that our body goes through the exposure to dust, heat and air pollution too ; that it goes through skin issues, discoloration, sagging etc too. An unhealthy skin can lead to many diseases and allergies and thus should be taken care of as a whole.

A good skin and a healthy lifestyle is something you should be investing you time and money in as it will help you stay healthier and delay ageing.

So lets discuss about a skincare routine which is easily manageable and you dint even know was so important.

Skincare Routine to Know About

  1. You take care of your face or whole-body skin, the most important and unavoidable is to hydrate yourself internally as well as externally. Hydrate yourself from head to toe. Have plenty of water and juices and apply hydrating creams and body lotions.
  2. Healthy inside is healthy outside. If you eat good you feel good. As it is very well said by Robert Urich , “ A Healthy Outside Starts From The Inside “. So don’t find an option for healthy eating. Your food is going to make you live longer, healthier and make you glow and steal the show.
  3. As easy as it may sound but you should clean yourself properly. Don’t let sweat, dust, make up or sunscreen to stay on your body as it may lead to fungal, bacterial infections, rashes, breakouts etc. Don’t use very hot water, always go for mildly lukewarm water for your shower and have short shower times to maintain the oil balance of your skin. Use mild and gentle cleansers to clean yourself up. Strong and chemical cleansers also rip away oil from your skin making it dry. A whole skincare routine is not about just showering to clean up but is of no use without cleaning yourself properly up.
  4. Use skin friendly shaves or be careful with the waxes used. Be very gentle on the sensitive areas. Apply a proper layer of moisturizer after you shave or wax. If you shave after exfoliation, it removes the hair completely from the follicle.
  5. Exfoliate yourself to clear off the dead skin cells regularly for a smooth and clean looking skin. Don’t use a body scrub on your face. The scrub used should not be too harsh on the skin. Gently rub the scrub in circular motions on your damp skin especially the rough areas like elbows and knees.
  6. The thumb rule of a healthy skin is to moisturize and moisturize. There is no other option to it. Whatever be the season, moisturize yourself after a proper cleaning. Choose a moisturizer as per your skin type. You may even choose a moisturizer with SPF.
  7. Use a sunscreen on the exposed areas of the body. This is a must step in summers to protect your skin from skin burns, rashes and effects of the sun. Though you should avoid direct exposure to the sun in the peak hours, in case you have to, wear at least SPF 30 +, UVA and UVB protecting sunscreens and keep on reapplying.
  8. Cover yourself up. Wear breathable clothes and a light fabric but keep your skin covered from direct sun. Wear sun protecting hand gloves, hats, full pants, shoes. This also avoids sun tan which is major problem in the summer heat.
  9. Use natural, mild and gentle products for your body. Avoid chemicals. Select your product range according to your skin type. Also check the pH of the products. The products used should maintain the pH of the skin.
  10. Believe it or not, stress is one factor which is responsible for major damaged skins and skin issues. Major stress leads to skin breakouts, early ageing and other skin issues. So, it is very important to keep a check to your stress levels and workout and meditate to take the edge off the stress levels.


It is not difficult but highly essential to maintain a proper skincare regime and if you are already a face care routine person, then it is just a piece of cake for you. So keep going, you did not come this far to come this far.

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