Understanding the skin before treating it

Understanding the skin before treating it : The skin is the largest organ of the body. Yes its an organ, and it works protecting you from various organism’s attack, its infact the shield that is protecting your inner organs or muscles from external injuries, it mananges the temperature of the body, synthesise vitamin D, it is the store house of fats, helps preventing water loss aannnnd its the skin that allows you the sensation of touch, heat and cold.

Your color complexion :

We generally tend to be wanting a fairer looking skin but the fact is the color of the skin is influenced by a number of pigments, including melanin, carotene, and hemoglobin. Melanin is produced by special cells called melanocytes. All these especially the melanin give us the color that we have.

Layers of the skin :

1. The Epidermis : Keratin which is a fibrous and tough protein that gives hair, nails, and skin their hardness and water-resistant properties, is found in this layer. The outer most layer of epidermis (which consists of dead cells ) sheds every 20-30 days which is also seen to be 40-50 days in elderly people forming a new layer of the new cells. This cell renewal cycle slows down with age making the skin look dull and uneven. The color giving pigment Melanin,is also found in this layer of the skin.

2. The dermis : This layer of the skin contains the blood and lymph vessels, nerves, pain and touch receptors, elastin, collagen bundles, hair follicles and sweat glands. This layer of the skin is held together by Collagen and thus gives strength and flexibility to the skin.

3. Hypodermis : This is the deepest layer of the skin and it consists of the collagen and fat cells.

Types of the skin :

1. Normal skin

2. Oily skin

3. Dry skin

4. Combination skin

So now you have at least the basic understanding and this might help you chose your skin care regime better.

Have a happy and healthy skin day!!!

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