Proud Review

Proud Review

The De Stress Facial Therapy is a blend of all vitamin rich natural ingredients like our regularly used kitchen ingredients namely turmeric, cinnamon, curd ; highly result oriented essential oils ; extracts of vitamin rich ingredients like papaya, tomato and many more ; and with the intense moisturization of facial butters.

Ideal For : Pollution, Tanning, Open Pores, Effects of Mental Stress on Skin, Effects of Pollution, Tired and Exhausted looking skin.

When to Choose De Stress Facial Therapy : If you are looking for a change that stays, a change that is natural and rich in vitamins and you know is treating your skin from deep inside choose De Stress Facial Therapy.

It is absolutely free from Paraben, sulfate, Polysorbate, SLS, EDTA, Artificial colors and Fragrances.

So why not to pamper yourself with an antioxidant blast full of skin repairing properties!

What are you still waiting for beautiful?!

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