Skin Friendly Holi

Skin Friendly Holi

Holi amongst many,  is 1 festival that is enjoyed by people of all the age groups, kids love the water baloons and the added benefit of an off from the school ( YAY ! ) and rest love the blast of colors and the perfect chance of a fun filled get together as Holi is known to symbolise love, friendship, peace and forgiveness.

But not only this, with the growing variety of colors, holi nowadays also means exposing yourself to harmful chemicals and that too with great enthusiasm.

The chemical colours contain solvents like lead, aromatic compounds, tetrathyline and benzene. Red, green and black are some of the dark colors that contain copper sulphate, mercury sulphite and lead oxide in high content.

Now, time for the burning question ; Should we stop enjoying such an important Indian Festival like Holi because it means direct contact to harmful chemicals? Isn’t there a way out?

So thankfully the answer is Yes! There are Pre and Post ways of Holi care very much possible and believe me they are too easy to be ignored.

Let’s check out a few very basic and easy Pre holi preparations :

Ø Cover yourself in oil as much ( mix olive + castor oil in equal quantities ) as you can use to layer your hair and whole body.

Ø Use full sleeves clothes to avoid maximum direct exposure.

Ø Apply nail polish.

Ø Apply a thick layer of Sunscreen.

Ø Keep yourself hydrated.

Ø Use herbal colors.

Ø Tie your hair in a bun. Don’t leave them open.

Ø Don’t let the wet colors stay on your face or body for long. Wash even in between the celebration for as many times as you can.

Ø And you all the handsome boys, get ready for your beard look. It will protect your face!

And that is it! You are all set to get colorful! : “ Holi Hai “!!

Now is the crucial issue of setting the damage right.

Stay tuned for our next blog for an effective Post Holi Treatment!

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