Complete Daily Dose of Refreshing Shine for Men

Complete Daily Dose of Refreshing Shine for Men

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Complete daily dose of Refreshing Shine for Men

Introducing a special range of your daily skin care routine with

Peaurega Energizing Men Aloe vera Face wash with Tea tree and

Caffeine & Rebuilding Face Tonic With Frankincense oil.

1) Mild and Nutritious

2) For all skin types

3) Non- comedogenic

Description : Peaurega Men Face Wash is a formulation specifically

created for men’s skin with wholesomeness of antioxidants, anti-

microbial and anti inflammatory ingredients that gently and effectively

deep cleanses your face without clogging your pores. It moisturizes and

hydrates your skin, fighting the daily unavoidable effects of pollution

and gives you your daily boost of cooling freshness and glow.

With Benefits of : Aloe vera, Caffeine, Cinnamon, Extracts of Hibiscus,

Tea tree oil and Avocado oil.

WHY SKIN TONIC AFTER FACE WASH : Peaurega skin tonic is a special

blend infused with essential oils that penetrate deep into the layers of

the skin easily to give you the maximum benefit of the vitamin rich

active ingredients. Regular use nourishes and strengthens the skin cells

along with giving your skin a natural and healthy shine.

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