In 2020, we have seen variety of disasters, which will have long lasting impact on all of us. The biggest of them, if I may say, is Corona, Covid 19, a pandemic, a virus that has changed the complete look of the world. It has created a new look with fear and a mask. As corona survives for this long, the effects of corona will also abide.

If you look at a larger picture, basic bread and butter has been a worry for many. A huge number like 1.3 billion had been sitting at home during lockdown ( with little relaxations now and then). Not everybody has been lucky enough to have a roof on their heads, to be with their families, to have proper food to eat, to leisurely laugh and watch TV!!! Our whole economy has gone for a toss! People have died, many have lost their loved ones and many have seen their loved ones suffer.

On the brighter side, you now see people getting back to our traditional Namaste, washing hands often, taking a bit more care for their health ( both due to the availability of time and to build a better immunity ). You see less crowded malls and markets, less dine outs, less junk food, less shopping, less gatherings. You magically have seen the pollution levels going drastically down! True or fake, but animals were reportedly seen enjoying the nature again. People’s skills with cooking, cleaning, sweeping, dusting has improved a lot ( Oh! we all have had our sets of mouthwatering food being prepared during lockdown. “wink” ). How many of us even knew that even virtual seminars, meets with your friends and loved ones could be so sufficiently enjoyable?

So, from minor hygiene and masks to economy, our lifestyle has gone through a major change which we all have to accept and adapt. In the end its all for our own good. This rebirth of Mother Nature due to lack of people’s hazardous act is what we need to think about for the future generation.

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