Our Story

Gramyumm is an initiative by SankalpTaru Foundation to uplift rural communities by providing them an online market link for selling their produce.

Mission & Vision

We don’t just plant trees but also try our best to bring about socio-economic impact by the process of afforestation, reforestation and agroforestry.

  • Provide an alternate source of income to the farmers,
  • Build our rural India by increasing local economy
  • Bring organic food products and indigenous handicrafts directly from the villages to the city people



With the establishment of SankalpTaru in 2012, the trees planted by us started bearing fruit. Many farmers from Ladakh were unable to sell their yield due to the difficult terrain. We helped them install solar dryers in their villages to dry out the fruit while maintaining its nutritional value. This increased their shelf life and made their transportation easier.


We procured the whole yield from the farmers and sent them as gifts to anyone who planted 10 or more trees with us.


We started receiving requests from our donors for more of our products owing to its high quality. This motivated us to launch the platform Gramyumm for selling the produce online. With time, the list of items kept on increasing as we included our farmer beneficiaries from other states across India.


Launch of our e-commerce website www.gramyumm.org

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Number of States


Number of Beneficiaries

average income
INR 10,000/-

Average Income Generation Per Beneficiary

Shorter Supply Chain

GramYumm helps the rural communities in overcoming the issue of market linkage. Since our products are directly from the villages, there are no middle-men involved and the profits reach straight to the farmers.

Circular Economy

We believe in a circular economy where waste of one becomes food for the other. Our products are eco-friendly and we ensure that there is no use of wasteful and detrimental practices or harmful chemicals. We follow the 3-R approach of reduce, reuse and recycle.

Farmer Beneficiaries

Sonam Vanchuk, Ladakh

“It is very cold here and growing anything is difficult, but with the help of SankalpTaru we are fortunate enough to plant trees in our village community. They have provided us with apricot and apple saplings and we sell our apricots through GramYumm.”

Sahaji Damu Shinde, Maharashtra

“Sankalptaru has provided our village with grape and guava saplings. The raisins we get are of great quality and our profit by selling them has increased because of GramYumm. We thank the hard working team of SankalpTaru.

Swaroopa Ram Ji, Rajasthan

Through SankalpTaru’s assistance, our village has planted jeera and pomegranate in their farms. The yield is good and we get an additional source of income by selling jeera through GramYumm.