De Tan Vitamin E rich Tomato Massage Cream with Lavender Oil

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I lighten and brighten your uneven skin tone with the help of my healing and collagen boosting properties.

Pamper yourself with the aroma of the essential oils.



Peaurega De-tan Massage Cream is a non-greasy easily absorbable merge of the nutrient dense superfood, tomato along with the perk of vitamin E, A natural anti-aging ingredient that awards your skin with the most natural whitening properties with the benefit of the relaxing aroma therapy of lavender oil that relaxes your senses while you pamper your skin with the antioxidant volcano giving you a healthy and a fresh face.

With benefits of : Extract of Choco, Tomato, Tocopherol and Coffee Butter and Lavender Essential Oil

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Dimensions5.5 × 4 × 12.5 cm
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