Moonlight Glow Combo


This Karwachauth, Let your skin glow brighter than the moon with our special combo. It includes all the products your skin need to feel loved and lively again.


Regardless of whether you are at home or out, the skin is continuously impacted by the UV rays of the sun and pollution. Peaurega De-Stress Facial Therapy is a light weight special blend of antioxidant rich ingredients with added benefits of moisturizing butters and essential oils.

With Benefits of : The Intense Moisturization of Rosehip and Coffee Butters, the Aromatic Calming effect of Tea Tree, Clove and lavender Essential Oils and Vitamin E & C.

If you are reading this means you are about to take a step towards indulging yourself into a spotless cleansing daily regime with Peaurega Women face wash which is carefully crafted to purify and balance the oil and moisture control of your face while intensely repairing and polishing it with the natural anti microbials and anti oxidants used in our product. Feel yourself losing in the aroma of the natural essential oils daily while flushing out all the debris gently to find your skin breathing freely and radiating.

With Benefits of : Aloe vera , Cinnamon, Turmeric, Extracts of Neem and Rose with Tea tree oil and Almond oil.

WHY SKIN TONIC AFTER FACE WASH : Peaurega skin tonic is a special blend infused with essential oils that is easily absorbed and penetrates deep into the layers of the skin to give you the maximum benefit of the vitamin rich active ingredients. Regular use nourishes and strengthens the skin cells along with giving your skin a natural and healthy glow.


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