12 Best Ways To Take Care Of Skin In Summers

Skin care in summer

12 Best Ways To Take Care Of Skin In Summers

The fiery hot summers are back and what skin care in summer is what every female can vouch upon. That extra oil on the skin, humidity, pollution, dirt, dullness of the skin, sunburns, acne, rashes are some of the summer’s nightmares. This is the season where every skin begs for extra protection and care. It is thus very essential to follow a skin care regime.

So check out some easy peasy and pocket friendly best ways to have a glowing skin even in summers. So gals, get ready to fight!

1. Keep your Skin Hydrated

Having plenty of water is what should be the topmost point in your checklist. Hydrated skin glows naturally. Drink more juices, apply hydrating masks, carry facial mists but hydrated skin is the key to beautiful skin. You may choose infused water with fresh mint, lemon and cucumbers to keep yourself cool.

2. Healthy Diet

Fruits and veggies are a hit in any season but in summers, they work magically in keeping you and your skin healthy and hydrated. They are light, easy to digest and full of nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants that are essential for the health of your skin. Already the heat activates skin’s oil secretion, now imagine greasing your stomach with excess oil too!!

3. Wash the Excessive Oil and Dirt

Choose a face wash that cleans your face and takes off the excess oil and dirt without disturbing the natural oil balance of the skin. Consider natural face washes as they are mild and along with cleaning your face, maintain the natural oil balance of the skin which is beneficial in long term health of the skin. Wash your face twice a day with appropriate face wash and otherwise only splash water on your face.

4. Screen the Sun Rays with a Sunscreen

Sunscreen face

No skincare in summers is complete without a sunscreen. Choose your sunscreen as per your skin type to be oil-based or water-based. Check out for UVA and UVB protecting sunscreen with SPF 30-50. Choose a sunscreen that is absorbed well and is light on your skin. Reapply if you plan to spend a lot of time in the sun. You should apply sunscreen even if you are not planning to spend your day at home. For better results use our Blue Ocean Wax and Hydrating Cream Combo.

5. Wear Minimal Make Up

Let your skin breath. For that matter you should even consider wearing breathable light fabrics in summers. Already humidity and heat impact the skins breathing capacity, then why increase the discomfort with heavy make up and chemicals? If unavoidable, just use a tinted moisturizer, lip balm and Kajal and let your skin stay free!

6. Sleep Well

Have you noticed getting up with swollen eyelids, dark circles, dull and pale-looking face in the morning after a not so good night’s sleep? This is because, your skin’s blood flow increases and it repairs itself while you are asleep. So sleep well and let your skin heal. A proper sleeping habit is as well essential for your complete health and well-being. So make sure to have your beauty sleep daily.

7. Regular Exfoliation for Skin Care in Summer

A mild, gentle and regular exfoliation is a must to clean the pores off the dirt, the dead cells and excess oil for a better and healthy-looking skin. The clean pores helps the skin to breathe, improves a better oxygen supply to the cells, helps better absorption of the moisturizers and serum applied and helps in a better skin repair.

8. Toner

A light and hydrating toner keeps the skin oil-free and clean. It most importantly reduces the appearance and size of pores which in turn prevents oil and dirt from clogging the pores which might otherwise result in breakouts. Toning is an essential step after exfoliation.

9. Moisturize no Matter What the Season Is

Every skin in every season needs moisturization, what changes is the type of moisturizer. Choose something light and fast-absorbing for this season.

10. Apply Cooling Packs

Our old kitchen friends like Aloe Vera, cucumber, lemon, curd etc. can be applied to the skin to cool and refresh the skin and reduce acne, inflammation and rashes. Along with consuming them, these are highly beneficial and hydrating for the skin if applied externally.

11. A Regular Skin Care Regime

For a healthy looking skin, a regular skin care regime especially packed with antioxidants is irreplaceable. Clean, tone and moisturize your skin daily. Always choose products according to your skin type and which are non-greasy and light to absorb. You should always apply a light antioxidant serum at night for good hydration and repair. Antioxidants should also be an essential part of your diet along with the skin care range.

12. Workout

Last but absolutely not the least is our exercise regime. Exercises improves blood circulation which increases oxygen supply and thus helps you with a shiny and healthy-looking skin. So sweat to glow as sweat also helps you remove toxins and cleanses your skin and body.


As they say self-care is not selfish. So invest time in your skin care regime and health care. It’s always good to feel beautiful and refreshed. And now that you know it is actually not that difficult.

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