A Summer Skin Care Routine For Glowing Skin

skin care routine

A Summer Skin Care Routine For Glowing Skin

For all the mango lovers, the time of the year that you wait for is here! Yes, summers are back and so are the skin issues like skin breakouts, excessive oil for oily skins, dullness, rashes, irritation, fine lines, tanning and sunburn. Our skin I think is one of our most prized possessions because it is what represents our body externally as well as from within. Many of us are already prepared with a bunch of products and supplements ready to fight back from the sun but the key to win this fight is a proper skin care routine and consistency.

So lets check out the steps to form a skin care routine first ( let’s try keeping it easy and manageable so that we can accommodate the routine in our busy life styles without much of an effort )

  1. The 1st and foremost is hydrate hydrate and hydrate. Hydrate the body by drinking lots of juices, water, coconut water and having lots of fresh fruits. This is unbeatable and the most affordable step for the health and glow of your skin. You may also apply cooling and hydrating packs with cucumber, mint, aloe vera, tomato, lemon, curd etc to hydrate and cool your skin to minimize the damage and make your skin feel fresh.
  2. Another healthy option is to stick to the basic i.e. eat well, workout and sleep well. It is not only healthy for your body but also for your skin as sweat helps remove toxins and a good sleep helps in skin repair. After all it is not that difficult too!
  3. Choose your products according to the weather. Try not wearing make up and in case you have to, keep it very light. Prefer choosing water based products and the products that don’t clog your pores.
  4. Cleanse your face twice a day without fail, other than that just splash water on your face. Prefer choosing natural and pH balancing products and avoid chemical exposure to your skin. Choose a face wash as per your skin type. Your face wash should be able to retain natural oils and clear the excess oil.
  5. Regular exfoliation cleanses your pores and removes the deep settled dirt and oil. It is very important to choose mild and gentle exfoliators to avoid being harsh on the skin. Use mild scrub at least twice a weak.
  6. Apply a good toner after exfoliation is very important to tighten the pores and for skin elasticity.
  7. You should apply a serum after the toner to help the skin to repair before bed. A serum rich is antioxidants helps keep your skin shiny and healthy and reduce ageing and is thus a must investment.
  8. Moisturization in summers is as important as it is in winters. Moisturizing your skin has no age bar, no season bar, no sex bar. Use non greasy and easy to absorb, light moisturizer. It is preferable to choose a moisturizer with spf for dual benefit.
  9. Use a sunscreen ranging between SPF 30 – SPF 50 as per the time spent in the sun. You cannot replace your sunscreen with anything. It is an utmost important requirement to help your skin protect itself from the scorching sun damage.


You should try making the above a part of your daily routine for a healthy and glowing skin. Remember ‘Healthy Skin Is Not An Over-night Process’, so consistency is the key. Way to go guys and galz!

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