Who are we

Our Philosophy

Welcome to Peaurega Naturals, a world created to combine the modern sciences with the well known but still unknown, easily available yet ignored, found in every kitchen, consumed regularly, yet not used appropriately traditional herbs and ingredients that boost your beauty which is hidden under the cover of harmful chemicals, pollution, hampered health conditions, poor lifestyle etc. Beauty is known to run in Indian history from the time you can ever check our history. Ever wondered how our ancestors, the royalties were always gorgeous and graceful when there were no concepts of chemicals, artificial colors or fragrances? When all they knew about were natural elements, herbs, flowers and everything that our Mother Earth had in store to provide them? We with the ranges of Peaurega Naturals intend to use the same gifts provided by our Mother Nature to help our customers maintain their charisma and to enhance their beauty. The experience when you pamper your skin and your senses should be soothing and blissful, leting you loose in the aroma and the feel of the product, yet repairing the damage from deep within. If you desire to make your skin healthy naturally and plan on fighting the signs of ageing or skin damage in a way that the improvement in the texture of your skin is from deep within, by healing the skin damage and not at all only by covering it with a layer of cosmetic and temporary beauty, then Peaurega Naturals is the most accurate solution to your problems.

Founders and Formulation

Solasta Valenza holds the value of being a dream project of Dr. Sakshi Jain ( BHMS, DNHE and CNCC ) and Sapna Jain ( BA ) to reach out to everyone so as to create the impression of the magic of “NATURAL” being crafted and used properly. Combining their knowledge and experience in the field of medicine and nutrition, Peaurega Naturals has been developed with utmost care and precision to benefit you maximum with the properties of our ancient and nature’s gift. As much as it is about what you use, it is also about how you use. The ranges of Peurega are formulated considering the above fact to present our customers completely result oriented products.


Our Vision

In today’s fast moving era which is full of stress, poor lifestyle, bad eating habits, chemical oriented environment, can you imagine what your skin goes through every time you step out in the sun and the load of chemicals and dust find their way to settle on your skin and travel deep within? This is the problem faced by everyone of us irrespective of the age, gender and profession; whether we stay at home or travel frequently, we are exposed to what hampers our skin always. When it comes to beauty, old is gold. We aim that the solutions that have been running long in the ancient India, which are

natural, made up of ingredients known and used by you and me since always, which are effective and the best way to treat yourself keeping at bay the harsh and harmful methods of treatment and products, should reach to everyone of you so that we can promote the Indian traditional culture simultaneously moving along with the upcoming discoveries and sciences.

Our Mission

We believe that the nature has answers to all your skin problems. When these beautiful ingredients gifted by the nature to us are crafted with care and purity, walking hand in hand with their sciences, we don’t need to knock the doors of any artificial or harmful human made chemical to take care of our beauty. We are all beautiful and it just depends on how you maintain it and look at yourself! We at Solasta Valenza are committed to help you take care of your beauty with utmost purity and to give you what your skin requires without compromising on the quality of the product. We are very strict and


particular with our ethics and commitments and believe in delivering what we claim.

Why Peaurega

Peaurega is based on result oriented formulations with absolute natural ingredients intending to make your senses feel pampered every time you plan to indulge yourself in the natural, calming and mild aroma; a soothing touch and feel along with an eye appealing appearance; without the use of any harmful chemical that would by any chance harm you or your skin. It is absolutely free from paraben, sulfate, artificial colors, artificial fragrances, SLS, PEG and many other harsh chemicals. Ask yourself that are you by any chance looking for something that would effectively deliver what it claims without exposing you and your skin to any harmful chemicals? Are you by any chance planning on concentrating towards improving your skin health and texture by giving it the nutrients it requires without exposing it to harsh chemicals? What would you give importance to? A temporary shine that would not stay with you for long and would gradually worsen the state of your skin and hair or something that would benefit them from the base and the root? If you choose the latter, the answer to all your questions is Peaurega Naturals. Why to make your skin suffer the bitter consequences of the usage of chemicals when you can rejuvenate your already traumatized skin cells with the help of the solutions provided by nature with Peaurega Naturals. Ever wondered why do we use an antiseptic specifically when we are injured? Similarly, Peaurega Naturals is crafted specifically to help you fight the said problem In the most natural way. The healthy appearance on the skin will explain volumes about how genuinely Peaurega cares that your beauty is meant to be enhanced absolutely chemical free! Are you still thinking.